Find the perfect partner for your mock interview

Stop wasting time doing mock interviews that don't challenge you.

Get your dream developer job by doing mock interviews with partners at your level, matched on:
βœ… your work history on LinkedIn
βœ… LeetCode rating
βœ… companies you're applying to, and more!

Do a mock in 3 easy steps:

πŸ”Œ 1. Register for

Connect your LeetCode account to verify your coding knowledge, your LinkedIn to verify your work experience, and where you're applying.

πŸ“… 2. Sign up for interview slots

Tell us when you're free and the question type, difficulty and language that you want to practice.

You'll automatically get matched with a partner who can challenge you like a real interviewer can.

🐡 3. Conduct your interview

Practice with your partner, learn from your mistakes, and prepare for your real interview!

Afterwards the interviewer and interviewee submit feedback to help each other improve and to inform better matches in the future.


Who built this? Why?

Hey folks, I'm Apu πŸ‘‹

Existing mock interview platforms aren’t great. I learned this while helping my friends prepare for interviews at FAANG. They struggled to find partners who could realistically challenge them on technical questions β€” often they were matched with junior developers who were still learning to code. Other times they signed up for platforms that cost $100s or were unaffordable.

There had to be a better way, so I built it!

How much does cost to use?

Absolutely free!

Do we share your data to anyone?

No, we're nice πŸ™‚